This is what we are. 

We're raring to share all this with you.

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Welcome home.

For us, co-living is not just sharing flat,

it is so much more.

We are an eco community that challenges the current Real Estate model.

But first things first:

What does co-living means?

Co-living is a way of living in cities that's focused on community and convenience.


Live as part of a community, sharing wonderfully designed shared spaces and inspiring events, with the comfort of being able to retreat to your own fully furnished private space at the end of the day, so you can do the living, and leave the rest to us.​

Everything you need to make the most of city life is included in bill; rent, concierge, superfast internet,  co-working space, all utilities and taxes, room cleaning, exciting weekly events and gym membership from Holmes Places hands.


What's included?

Ok, let's go deeper

This is our vision

We want to be THAT GOOD at manage spaces, that you can feel in the perfect environment to focus on what really matter to YOU in any stage of life you're in.

For that, we focus all our energy in having flexible spaces to take a break from routine thanks our events and wellness activities, a community group to belong and discover the city from a friendly hand and with a sustainable mindset.

Welcome to coliving

Welcome home

Who would you share life with?

Find your perfect flatmate

We know how hard can be to find the perfect flatmate. But don't panic, we're here to make your life simple.

We count with an AI based algorithm to match you with you most likely and easy-going person to share the space with. We study some important coexisting points and we adapt the spaces from scratch. Here's some of the questions from where we filter: 

Outgoing/not person

Work schedule

Cultural habits

Mother language

Life purpose

Profesional profile

Join our community

Some big names that trust us

And we walk  along with


We're doing also some echo in



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